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Customizable Solutions

Technology Services

Lansdowne Technology Consulting is built upon our confidence in the ever-growing demand for software solutions in today's world.

In the digital era, businesses of all scales rely on various software technologies daily. Our team, during their comprehensive technical education, has encountered numerous enterprises and collaborated with them. We have developed both small and extensive solutions that significantly enhanced their operational efficiency.

These collaborations have reinforced our understanding of the broader impact we can make. Motivated by this insight, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in communities and businesses alike, through bespoke software solutions.


Consulting companies preach about their ability to "implement solutions for your business operations", but what does this mean? Here are some examples of how our team has helped businesses in diverse areas.

Automate Data Transfer

After years of hiring interns to spend their days moving data from one excel sheet to another and surfing the web to auditing page after page, we designed a simple program that whenever ran automated their entire process of data transfer.

Mundane tasks such as gathering and moving data can be incredibly simple for experienced engineers like us to create automations for.

Very often we feel confident in the efficiency of the technology around us (Excel tools, Web browsers, etc.), and while this does help greatly, our mission is to use our abilities to take efficiency even further.

Email & Report Automations

Every month, an organizations management had to manually one-by-one create, update, and send out reports by email to their customers. Their case was unique, as are most businesses operations, and there is no generic solution on the market that can completely eliminate repetitive steps in their report distribution process

We worked and understood their exact steps so we could create, a rather simple, automation script that virtually removed all labor involved in their operation. Every month their work is done in minutes.

Data Analytics

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, we took a non-profit organization on a transformative journey to unlock the hidden potential within their untapped donation data.


Through meticulous analysis and sophisticated modeling techniques, we sought to unveil the intricate tapestry of demographics that compose the organization's ideal donor base, igniting a revolution in their fundraising strategy.

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