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Lansdowne Technology Consulting Partners with Hopecam to Continue the Fight Against Social Isolation

Updated: Apr 5

In August of 2023, Lansdowne Technology Consulting, aka 'LTC', was founded with a clear mission: To empower nonprofits through the use of technology. The Loudoun County-based company was destined to provide support to organizations that often lacked technical expertise, experience, and operated within a constrained budget. LTC wanted to use its vast array of technical skills and belligerent work-ethic to help the organizations that make such an important impact on our society, yet so often go overlooked.

At the same time, Hopecam (, a nonprofit organization that describes their mission statement as: "To overcome the social isolation experienced by children in treatment for cancer", was looking for a completely customized software that connected members of the Hopecam organization and ultimately strengthen their impact. It was clear to both parties that a meaningful partnership was bound to take place, as LTC had the necessary engineering skills to make this custom project go from an idea to a reality.

"We appreciate LTC's willingness to go above and beyond to make sure our website was perfect. They were always available to answer our questions and make changes to the site as needed. We are confident that our website will be a success thanks to their hard work and dedication." - Sara Dia, Hopecam Program Manager

"LTC is designed to help these kinds of communities, and in a world where the technological gap has become so disproportionate, it is extremely important to help out the organizations that may not have extra funds to invest in technological R&D. We're here to make a difference, and we want to do that by providing high-level products to nonprofits that are so crucial to the way our society functions." - Jack Milch, LTC Co-Founder and Project Manager.

Thus was born "Hopecam-Connect", a fully private virtual community that allows the families of Hopecam to interact with another, share stories and bond in a way that did not previously exist.

LTC has made it clear that they want to continue to assist nonprofit organizations in their pursuit of technological improvements, adding that they felt there was a need in the marketplace for a firm that could solely focus on the nonprofit landscape, providing quality services at an affordable cost.



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