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SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization is a topic that has gained massive popularity over the past couple years, but what exactly is SEO and what does it do for your website and Business?

What is SEO

  • Think of google as a massive library and the websites are different books

  • Each time a search is made in google, the search engine filters through websites that match the search query and display them from most relevant to least.

  • SEO is the practice of improving your websites ranking for a given internet search.

  • Your pages ranking is based on the quality of your content, which is assessed by how many users visit and stay on your website.

How do I rank for SEO?

Page ranking is based on a few factors:

  1. User Experience

  2. Bounce Rate and Dwell time

  3. Matching "searchers intent"

  4. Page loading speed

  5. Click Through Rate

How Can I influence my SEO ranking?

Improving Page ranking is not an exact science BUT there are a few things you can do to ensure your are in the best position possible to move to the top of search engine results.

  1. User Experience

    1. This factor is based on how valuable users find your web page

    2. The best way to increase UX is by providing unique and valuable content

      1. Present a new idea or an old one in a new way

      2. Have your content created by someone who is an expert in the field, not just some freelancer

      3. provide in-depth content

      4. Include original images and screenshots

  2. Bounce Rate and Dwell Time

    1. these factors are associated with how long users stay on your site

      1. Don't have images push down your content

      2. Chunk your content so it is easy to read

      3. Use Headings for each topic

      4. Link to other pages on your site

      5. Draw users into your site with

  1. Matching Searchers Intent

    1. This is a key factor in SEO and is based on whether your page satisfies the users question or search

      1. Research other pages that appear when you put in your key words and match their formatting

      2. Have a title that reflects the key words you want to rank for

      3. Post original content

      4. Use your keywords in headings (H1 headings carry the most weight)

  2. Page Loading speed

    1. Google and users will assess your sites speed and ease of use

      1. platforms like squarespace and wix are the industry leaders in page loading speed.

Key areas of focus in SEO

Off Page SEO

  • Links

    • TOP 3 factor in ranking

    • Point from an external site to another

    • Done through quality content like a blog or unique resources

      • Elicit emotion

      • Something new

      • Visually appealing

      • Address a timely need

      • Location specific

  • Good links follow EAT

    • Expert

    • Authoritative

    • Trustworthy

  • “Poor” links

    • Paying for links

    • Links that occur in a site that is not relevant to yours

    • Doing “reciprocal links” can make them invalid

      • Try to remove bad links from the web

  • Partner links

    • Come from a business Partner

    • Offer to write a testimonial for their products

Technical SEO

  • Influences how easily a search engine can navigate your site


  • Read by search engines

  • Useful for sites that haven’t been discovered

  • Unique info about URL,

    • EX: when pages are updated, how important certain pages are vs others


  • Tells search engines what page they shouldn't go to

  • Tells search engines the speed which the page should be indexed (avoids overloading server)

  • First place robots go on a site


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