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What to Avoid When Choosing a Web Development Firm

Updated: Apr 10

More often than not, website development agencies view small business owners as 'easy prey,' considering them to be ill-informed about underlying technology and time-constrained. Therefore, giving them the right of passage to charge exorbitant prices while providing sub-par customer service. Unfortunately, these assumptions are often correct, and this strategy proves to be effective time and time again.

This is exactly why Lansdowne Technology Consulting (LTC) was founded, to bridge the gap between larger technology firms and small businesses looking for simple solutions that enhance their branding and operations. A major aspect of bridging that gap is through continuous education and being up-to-date with the latest trends and pricing models in the internet space. LTC takes pride in being fair with our pricing and building relationships with our clients that are established on honesty.

The purpose of this article is to educate our viewers and clients on what to be cautious of when selecting a business to develop and maintain your website. We have compiled a list of 5 things that are massively important:

  1. Not Giving You Domain Ownership Rights

Sometimes, clients may not think to ask about the ownership rights to the domain and website representing their brand on the internet. In certain scenarios, development companies will contractually maintain the ownership rights of your website to ensure that you must do business with them for the indefinite future in order to keep your website running. Combined with high monthly fees, this situation puts you in a bad position.

2. Not Allowing You on Your Site as an Editor

Another tricky tactic that might seem insignificant on launch day is who has the ability to make changes/updates to the website. Yes, it might look perfect on day one, but as your business grows and evolves, your website needs to follow suit. It is important that you have access to develop your company's site whenever needed. Even if you want nothing to do with web development or extra technology, it is still beneficial to have the opportunity to update a few words yourself rather than paying costly maintenance fees and dealing with inefficient customer service.

3. High Monthly Hosting Fees with Zero Maintenance Included

There is no reason to be paying hundreds of dollars per month for website hosting and not receive any included maintenance for necessary changes or updates to your website. A good web developer incorporates at least a few hours of monthly maintenance in its offering.

4. Any Hidden Fees

It is common practice within the web development space that companies will entice potential clients with low prices at first glance. Then suddenly, there are service fees, domain fees, mobile UI configuration fees, cross-browser compatibility fees, maintenance fees, SEO fees, social-embedding fees, etc. Next thing you know, that enticing price has become 5x what you originally saw, without offering any services that are unique to the industry. Good web development firms do not have any hidden fees.

5. Slow or Unestablished Communication Times

When will your website be ready? What will the communication channel look like during this process? What does the web developer need from the client in order to launch? In maintenance situations, how long should I expect for the change to be implemented? How many employees do I need to contact before my request is put into motion? All of these questions should be clarified prior to the development phase, in order to promote as much transparency as possible throughout the process."


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